IT Consulting and Talent Acquisition Services

Because great companies and great people deserve each other

Since 2001, we have provided IT Consulting services to leading Fortune 500 companies and placed top-tier talent across North America.

Our success is rooted in unrelenting focus on our Great People for Great CompaniesTM program that includes not only the technical assessment of solutions being considered, but also the soft-skills and cultural alignment between our Client and the Personnel performing the service.

We are committed to building meaningful, lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with both the talent and the companies we serve. We do this by first listening and understanding before acting.

We do it by adopting a long-term strategic view for both company and candidate. By being proactive and maintaining transparent and honest communication. And, we do it by focusing on the ‘Human’ in ‘Human Resources.’

Over the years as we have grown, we have acquired width and depth in coverage. We have gained knowledge, built competencies, and developed processes that differentiate us from others.

These allow us to provide quality profiles and job postings coupled with quick turn-around time, for the benefit of our clients and candidates.

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